As we all know, MX5's are more prone than most to the dreaded rot. Luckily in most cases they can be saved at relatively little expense. Catching the rot early is key to keeping the workload as low as possible so I am pleased to be able to offer a variety of services to keep your MX5 on the road. 
This ranges from injecting cavity wax into the sills and re-painting (should they be in good condition) to complete rebuilds of the sill and wing area depending on the state of the original components. As long as the corrosion is confined to just the lower section, I fabricate the lower wing section in house which works out to be significantly cheaper than buying a replacement pattern section.
See below for examples of the different approaches required on an individual basis. Please get in touch to discus your requirements. 

Mazda Eunos - Sill & Wing Replacement

This Mazda Eunos required a replacement wing to go with the work on the sill and strengtheners. The inner arch was fabricated from 1.5mm steel and the inner sill, strengthener and outer sill were also made from 1.5mm steel before fitting the bought in galvanised wing panel. The inner areas were painted with zinc rich paint to keep corrosion at bay before being sealed in. Once the wing was fitted a healthy amount of cavity wax was injected via the original hole in the inner arch as well as some extra holes drilled for this purpose. These were finally capped with rubber bungs to allow the process to be repeated at regular intervals. This Eunos went straight to the paint shop for it's top coat once all of the work was completed.

Mazda MX5 - Sill / Wing Repair Panel Fitting

Sill & wing area assessed with customer before commencing work. The decision was made to take back the whole area to see what was underneath. As suspected there had been some work done before which was showing through cracked areas of filler and light rust bubbles.

After removing the outer wing skin, the sill area was thoroughly cleaned before being treated with rust converter. As this example was not to bad, no remedial work had to be undertaken on the sill or strengthener sections. 

The cavity area was then primed with zinc primer before the fabricated repair panel was fitted. The inside of the repair panel was painted with anti-rust primer before fitting. 

Once the seam welds were ground down a light skim of filler was applied to smooth out the contours. 

The whole area then received two coats of high build zinc phosphate primer before the final layer of schutz paint along the length of the sills. 

Mazda MX5 - Sill / Wing Repair Panel Fabrication

Due to the high cost of lower wing repair sections, I fabricate these lower sectionsin the workshop for a fraction of the price. The repair section is made from 1.0mm mild steel and is primed on the internal face prior to fitting.